How do you apply sunscreen over makeup? Learn about proven methods

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We hear about the importance of UV protection every step of the way – doctors are calling for it, influencers are promoting it, and cosmetics companies are releasing more and more products with high SPF protection. But did you know that sunscreen application should be repeated throughout the day, even when makeup is on?

Why repeat SPF application during the day?

Experts recommend reapplying SPF even every two hours. Why? Our skin is not a smooth canvas – it has irregularities, folds and bumps. With the first application, we can’t reach all those nooks and crannies. Subsequent layers of SPF allow us to cover our complexion more thoroughly and protect it from UV rays

Additionally, the filter loses its protection over time. External factors have an impact on it – sweat, touch, mask… All this makes the filter disappear from our face hour by hour and does not guarantee a hundred percent protection

Applying sunscreen over makeup is possible! Check out the quick and easy way

To apply sunscreen to a face that already has makeup on, in addition to the sunscreen we need to prepare a dry Beauty Blender sponge or a clean powder puff. Apply the cream on your palm, then scoop on the sponge and apply on your face with stamping motions. Start in the center of the face and gradually work your way up to the cheeks. The compact texture of the sponge will ensure that your makeup does not smudge and that the sunscreen does not absorb into the applicator

How else can you reapply sunscreen during the day?

If you wear makeup and want to supplement your UV protection, you can use a powder with SPF for this purpose. Then, in addition to increased protection, we will mattify our face. Remember, however, to remove excess sebum from your face with mattifying blotting papers before applying another layer of powder – this way you avoid the cakey effect. A great solution is also a spray with SPF, which we can use to spray our face during the day.


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