Beautiful manicure and pedicure on vacation. How to prolong the life of nail polish?

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Before going on vacation, remember to depilate and get a new manicure and pedicure. It’s best to choose a permanent hybrid, but often for various reasons it is impossible. Then it is worth trying to make sure that nails painted with ordinary polish will survive intact for as long as possible. We suggest how to do this.

Extend the life of your nail polish

In the summer, nails are exposed to a lot of water, sun and mechanical damage – after all, a foot in sandals or flip-flops is more susceptible to injury. There are several things that will affect the quality of the polish on your plate:

  • before painting, you should properly clean the nail plate. Peeling back your cuticles, cleaning and filing your nails is the foundation of a durable manicure. If you don’t do it, its durability will be shortened to a few days;
  • another issue is the time needed for the polish to fully dry. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that your manicure and pedicure will last;
  • it is worth to follow the rule, that the fewer layers of polish, the better. A thick layer of varnish does not look good and definitely takes longer to dry. It is good to invest simply in an opaque polish;
  • it is also important to properly moisturize your nails. It is best to use appropriate oils or creams. Creams with SPF will also be good, as they also prolong the polish’s durability. Creams also protect nails from the negative influence of air conditioning;
  • you can also protect your nail plate with a base coat, which prolongs the polish durability. It is available in every drugstore;
  • during vacations, when you notice that the color starts to fade, you can apply a supportive layer of polish – top coat. This preparation limits the contact of enamel with water;
  • in the summer, nail shape and length are also important. Definitely, short nails with rounded corners work better;
  • holiday polishes have their own rules. In trends, new colors appear every year, but their intensity does not change. They are usually strong colors. It is the polishes in shades of nude and light pink that will be perfect for summer. Even if it chips, it will not be visible.

In addition to the standard versions of manicures and pedicures, there is also the Japanese version. You can do it yourself at home. Nails are not covered with nail polish, but with a special paste that moisturizes the nail plate and makes it look very aesthetic. In addition, this Japanese treatment hardens the nail and nourishes it. This alternative works well on vacation, even in very warm parts of the world. It does not require correction, and the effect lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

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