<strong>How to properly wash your hair</strong> – a step by step guide
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How to properly wash your hair – a step by step guide

Beautiful, shiny and well-groomed hair is the business card of each of us. And its strength and vitality starts with proper washing. Many of us think, what can be difficult about washing hair? Seemingly such a trivial task can only do harm to your hair if done incorrectly instead of improving the condition of your hair.

Washing your scalp and hair improperly or using the wrong shampoo can, unfortunately, significantly weaken the condition of your hair. Before reaching for a product, which is to wash our hair, we should read its composition. The purpose of hair shampoo is, among other things, to refresh the hair and wash away styling product residues. Of course, it is also important to choose a product for your hair type. You may want to use one shampoo for oily hair and another for colour-treated hair. Check out step by step what you need to do to properly wash your hair!

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

First, let’s answer the question, how often should you wash your hair? This depends on several factors, namely your scalp type, the condition of your scalp, the type of your hair and its current state.

Your scalp may be normal, dry or oily. The same goes for your hair type. Your hair may be normal, dry, oily, damaged (e.g. due to frequent colouring) or it may fall out. The type of hair is not only inborn. The hair may be straight and thin or curly and thick. The color of the hair is also important because the structure of blonde hair is very different from that of naturally dark hair.

The current condition of our hair is also important, meaning the extent to which it is nourished. What makes up the current state of your hair? Whether or not your hair has been coloured and what recent styling treatments (such as perms or keratin straightening) your hair has undergone. When choosing the right washing products, it is also important to consider the porosity of your hair, and we can distinguish between high, medium and low porosity hair. What exactly does this mean? High porosity hair is usually curly hair, which is why it is recommended to use separate shampoos to wash it

Hair can be defined and classified in many ways. And when looking for an answer to the question of how often to wash your hair, it is best to consider individual needs. For example, dry and highly porous hair should be washed infrequently while normal hair, i.e. hair that does not cause major problems should be washed e.g. every second or third day. What about oily hair? It is a myth that if our hair tends to get oily, we should go through with it as long as possible, which will result in it getting oily more slowly. This is faulty thinking. First of all, oily hair does not look good and secondly, the sebum and impurities accumulated on your head will clog the skin pores and weaken the hair roots considerably, which will aggravate hair loss.

Washing Hair Properly – Step by Step

Before you start washing your hair you should comb it thoroughly. This will make your hair less tangled and the shampoo will spread through your hair faster. There is one exception and that concerns curly hair, which should not be brushed before shampooing. Brush while wet and only after the conditioner has been absorbed.

The water temperature should be set not too hot or too cold. Then wet your scalp and hair thoroughly. Do not pour the shampoo directly onto your hair. Begin to gently massage the scalp, do not scratch or rub it. It is worth to wash your hair with the shampoo twice. In the next step rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your head. Dry your hair with a soft towel and apply a conditioner, which you should rinse out after a few minutes. Alternatively, you may like to gently work silk into damp hair for added shine. Leave your hair to dry.

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