How to optically enlarge your lips? Find out tricks of make-up artists

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Luscious, voluptuous lips are a dream of many women. To get this effect, you do not need to perform surgery in the aesthetic medicine office. Just try one of our ways to optically enlarge your lips.

Preparation of lips for optical enlargement

How to make your lips look bigger than they really are? Before you start painting them, you should first properly prepare them for this. It is very important to regularly perform lip scrub, and you can find many such products on store shelves. Nothing stands in the way, however, to make scrub yourself in a few moments, using for this purpose honey mixed with ground coffee or coarse sugar. Apply the scrub to your lips and massage until you feel your skin is soft, smooth and cuticle-free. It is also important to apply a lipstick base. We can choose from special cosmetics designed for lips or universal products, which are also applicable for the face. The base will effectively prolong the life of the lipstick, even out lip tone, deepen the intensity of the lipstick and bring out the pigments contained in it.

Home methods for optical enlargement of lips

How to effectively enlarge your lips without a specialist procedure? Help comes with home methods designed to stimulate circulation and cause slight but controlled irritation, resulting in subtly puffy, sensual lips. The first proven method is to massage your lips using a toothbrush. It is best if it has soft or medium-hard bristles. The treatment should be performed very gently, making circular movements. You can put a bit of petroleum jelly or honey on the brush – they will contribute to the moistening of the lips. How else can optically enlarge lips by home means? You can use for this purpose a mask prepared from spices such as chili, ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom. Dissolve them in honey or Tabasco sauce and spread over lips, wash off when you feel lips begin to gently tingle. If you want to visually enlarge your lips, you should regularly do facial yoga. One of the proven exercises is loud, clear repetition of vowels. Keeping your lips folded in a pout for 30 seconds can also help

Proven Makeup Tricks to Visually Enhance Your Lips

Here are a few proven tricks used by the world’s top makeup artists to optically enlarge your lips

It’s best to use shiny lipsticks or glosses with shimmering particles in your makeup. These types of cosmetics reflect the light and give a three-dimensional effect, making your lips look bigger.

The first step of lip makeup should be applying above mentioned base coat or foundation or concealer and powder. Then we outline their outer edge with a lip liner in a shade similar to the lips. Then use a brush to blend the line towards the center of the lips and apply lipstick

One trick to try is to shade your lips using several different shades of lipstick. Two shades close to each other work best. Apply the lighter one in the center, and the darker one closer to the lip contour.

To make the lips look more convex we use a lip gloss to mark the center of the upper and lower lip. The final touch is to highlight the Cupid’s bow, the area above the midline of the upper lip, using a highlighter.

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