Lipolaser for weight loss – is it worth it?

foto: Tumisu/Pixabay
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Weight loss is a tedious and lengthy process. Therefore, it is not surprising that in aesthetic medicine clinics there are solutions that are supposed to slightly accelerate and facilitate the loss of unwanted fat tissue. One of them is lipolaser. Is it worth to be tempted by this treatment?

What is lipolaser and how does it work?

Lipolaser is the so-called cold laser. It emits a 650 nm light beam which reaches the fatty tissue and breaks cells into smaller parts. Thanks to the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, these substances find their way into the lymphatic system and are then metabolized and removed from the body with urine. Therefore, after lipo laser treatment, it is recommended to take more fluids to get rid of metabolic products. It is also worth knowing that the laser beam affects only fat cells, and not tissues or blood vessels.

The effect of the treatment involving lipolaser is the reduction of adipose tissue, and thus body circuits.

Lipolaser – effects

What the final effects of the treatment will be is an individual matter: they depend on the speed of metabolism, the amount of possessed fat tissue as well as the diet or the level of physical activity. The treatment may help and speed up the slimming process by stimulating metabolism, but it cannot replace regular exercise and proper eating habits. Moreover, it should be performed about 10-12 times to bring satisfactory results.

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