Hyperhidrosis – an embarrassing ailment you can win against!

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The problem of hyperhidrosis affects many people. They struggle with bothersome sweat stains that remain on their shirts and dresses, as well as notoriously damp hands and feet. If you are also among them, this article is for you. You can win with sweat once and for all!

Sweating is a physiological reaction of the body, which is responsible for body thermoregulation. When you run, exercise or walk in the sun, blood vessels start to dilate and glands produce sweat to reduce excessively high temperatures. But if your hands are constantly damp and sweat is almost running down your back, regardless of the exercise or the weather, you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis. How can you deal with it?

Botulinum toxin

The popular botox is a substance used not only to smooth out wrinkles. It is also perfect for treating hyperhidrosis, as it helps reduce sweat production. Botox is injected into the problematic area of the body, so it can block the nerve endings that are responsible for the sweat glands. The effect of the treatment lasts up to 6-12 months, after which time it can be repeated.


The treatment is performed in a water bath into which you put your feet or hands (in the case of armpits you place a special moistened pad). Then electrodes are attached, through which a direct current of low power flows. Thanks to the treatment, as in the case of botox, the nerves responsible for the glands’ work are blocked. The procedure is painless, but it is recommended to repeat it many times (at least 10 series).


This treatment is based on delivery of controlled electromagnetic beam. A special head is used, which is applied to the problematic region. As a result of heating the glands are damaged and are not subject to further regeneration. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.


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